Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm Done, It's Over :(

Well. Graduation has come and gone and I am officially a Coe alumnus. Graduation weekend was beautiful with warm, sunny weather and lots of friends and family. My apartment is empty and my roommates are gone. It is all really sad and I will miss Coe dearly. Words cannot describe how much I love Coe and all the people I've met.

I may have lied slightly...I'm not quite done. As I type this I am in the airport ready to travel to New Zealand for May Term! It is a group of 7 seven students off to hike and write about our adventures. I will be updating my travel blog along the way...so be sure to follow me at http://kalirietcheck.blogspot.com.

Best wishes!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's Finals Week! :/

Sorry I missed a week of blogging! Man-oh-man has it been busy around here! Today is reading day--a day of "rest" between classes and finals. Really it is one of the most packed days of the year. All those group project meetings, study groups, social group meetings, etc. that have been put off all semester long, meet today. All this among preparing for finals. This year I have 3 finals, two of which are final art critiques. My first is at 8 am tomorrow and I have a lot of work to do! I will be finished on Monday evening, thus giving me 5 days before graduation to pack and hang out with my friends.

Speaking of graduation, I yesterday was my last day of class ever at Coe College. I don't think it has all really soaked in yet, but I know it's pretty sad really. I've loved my time here. Coe has given me so much. I could continue on here, being all sentimental and nostalgic, but as I mentioned earlier, I'm really not prepared for my first final tomorrow. The rest of my day will be spend it the art building. I'll update you next week on my life/how I survived finals!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Symposium Day & My Thesis [the thing that has consumed my life]

So yesterday I presented at Research Symposium Day for the first time ever. I was pretty nervous, but it went ok. Research Symposium Day is an annual tradition at Coe. One day, late in the spring semester, there are no classes, but instead presentations from all of the students who have completed research that year. The idea is, that without classes, all students and professors can attend. There was a good sized crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy my topic.

My presentation was a summary of my senior honors thesis I have been working on since last summer. My thesis is about analyzing the trends of environmental advertising. I'll save you from any further explanation. Or maybe I am saving myself!

I believe I have just finished the final version of my thesis. It is 50 pages long and has taken me forever to write. I will submit it tomorrow to my thesis defense committee. On Monday I will meet with my committee so I can defend my thesis. Wording it this way makes me imagine I will have to fight with a sword or something. I will be using only words on Monday to convince my committee that my thesis is qualified to be labeled an honors thesis. Once/if this is completed I will graduate with honors and finally be able to have a life again! I hope to enjoy the last couple weeks of my college career though I know they will be filled with finals, preparing to move, and all sorts of other things that are not fun. I'm not complaining, it is all just going by so quickly...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tomorrow is Flunk Day!

Actually, yesterday was flunk day. Flunk day is a unique Coe tradition held every spring. It is one day of the year when the Student body President and Vice President get to call of classes and the entire college spends the day on the quad hanging out together. This year on the quad there was the typical free food, live DJ, beer garden on the patio [for all students 21+ of course], a balloon artist, and airbrush tattoos. AND this year there were real carnival rides on the quad and laser tag in the cafeteria. It was sweet! My friend Aerial and I beat a bunch of boys and laser tag and I attempted not to get motion sick on the spinning strawberry ride with Sara and Josh. The weather was nearly perfect [sunny and warm] until mid-afternoon when some rain moved in. Unfortunately it rain the rest of the evening moving the grill out and live music indoors and canceling the foam party. Flunk day is always a much needed break from classes before the big push before finals and the end of the year. It is kind of sad knowing that it was my last. I have a few pictures I took yesterday:

Here is the line for the airbrush tattoos and balloons along with one of the carnival rides!

Sara and I enjoying the sunny day!

The strawberry ride, bags and other yard games, and other fun things on the quad.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pictures from Austin!

Downtown Austin

South Congress shopping district

Andrew and Anna walking by the capital building.

The UT Tower

Andrew and I on campus

Longhorn stadium

Monday, March 22, 2010


It was a crazy week for me last week. I had a big Business Finance exam, a portfolio due for my Printmaking class, and a lot of work to do on my thesis. I also ended up working at my restaurant 3 nights last week. So, Saturday when I returned from work, it was nice to hang out and have fun and good ol' $5 Prom. This is a dance where every one's outfit has to last less than $5. It has been a fraternity and sorority social for the last few years, but was recently opened up to all of campus. We had a great time dancing and being silly.

This week brings another wave of work. But good news: I'm leaving on Saturday to visit the University of Texas for graduate school. I've already been accepted...it's just time to make my decision :/.

Roomies :)

$5 Prom King and Queen [and my roommate]

Nicki & Kali wearing our funny hats!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well, I survived Spring Break 2010! We made it all the way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and back [24 hour drive one way] in one piece. On the way there we drove through a number of major cities like St. Louis, Nashville and Atlanta...many of which I had never seen before.

In Florida the beach was sunny, the food excellent and we all had a great time! That being said, we really only spent time laying on the beach, eating, or playing games. It was really low key and very relaxing! Here are some pictures!

All of the girls laying on the beach

We made Zach into a sand turtle! Lol.

Kim and Kali :)

The entire group at our favorite Pirate restaurant!

We found this sweet fountain with lights and music.